The Motel Hello-Jacker


Holy Shake Funbags, Boobman! This can be a motel bell-man’s whacking desire come to lifestyles at “The Motel Hello-Jacker” will have to be a required on-the-job teaching movie for each and every motel and lodge worker.

Hawaiian dish Claudia KeAloha (Final Summer season Sinn, Gigantic Melon P.O.V., SCORE Xtra 12) is on the town to function as a headlining unique dancer. When mademoiselle tests into her apartment, mademoiselle’s up for some act in an instant and her very first goal is that this successful wang doodle who’s in the precise position on the proper time and in the precise task. The very first factor Claudia does when mademoiselle ambles into the apartment is sit down at the couch and juggle up and down. That mademoiselle’s dressed in a taut tank-top does no longer move disregarded! Gorgeous Claudia wishes a stiff lollipop inbetween her titties at this time and a wholesome cum-blast to ejaculation her Melons and Tugs consultation.

The bell-man is also a wang doodle however he is were given the precise big meat for babe. KeAloha to love! What a dame! If you happen to ever have the opportunity to satisfy Claudia, suggest to hold her bag!